Eforte is innovative and energy-efficient window systems, which are mounted 6-chamber profiles guarantee excellent thermal insulation properties and the highest level of comfort.
Using efort systems can achieve a unique heat-transfer coefficient (Uf = 0.95 W / m2K). In practice, this means a significant reduction in heating costs that can be reduced by up to 80% compared with the actual costs for heating buildings, equipped with old-style windows.
The classical-style design, perfect proportions and a large choice of colors and decors provides the ability to customize these windows with diverse style houses.


– 84 mm wide profiles the highest thermal insulation parameters which will help to reduce heating costs
– 6-chamber technology: excellent thermal insulation / heat transfer coefficient Uf = 0.95 W / m K
– Glass thickness from 20 to 56mm: the ability to use the extensive glazing with excellent thermal and sound insulation
– Glazing with two supports: additional protection against break-ins
– Rigid, precisely adjust reinforcements: stable window construction
– Fixing equipment: long-term reliability and functionality, equipment installation through three walls.
– 13 mm hardware groove axis can be mounted in special additives to provide protection against hacking
– Glass recess in the additional seal and three intermediate fitting the glasses: excellent thermal insulation / tightness under extreme weather conditions
– Glazing edge – 25 mm: the best thermal insulation / condensation prevention
– Water runoff and ventilation openings
– Slim front profile with a narrow cross-section 120 mm in width and 20 degrees inclination – long-lasting beauty and functionality
– Glazing Technology: can be used to use 2.6 m high elements, optimized resistance to deformation
– Water leaks: integrated movable column Approval
– A wide choice of colors: as many as 40 unique color palette from which you can choose and aluminum imitating Titanium film / models with aluminum caps can choose almost any color from the RAL color range films
– Eforte system is compatible with other Inoutic systems, for example with lifting – pushed HST and blinds systems Protex