Sliding systems

HST sliding systems

Lift and sliding the HST is convenient, safe, and reliable tight the highest thermal insulation parameters of the solution for your home.

Large glazed areas provide more light and space to any of your rooms.

Lift-sliding system (maximum leaf width – 300 cm, weight – 400 kg) is ideal for particularly large patio doors because they can be easily and conveniently is opening. Such systems are highly resistant to attacks, because uleistos leaf shifting is practically impossible.

HST system has a high resistance to wind load, water tightness and excellent thermal insulation (heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.3 W / m K).


Glass thickness from 20 to 56mm: the ability to use a wide glazing with excellent thermal and sound insulation.
Glazing with two supports: additional protection against break-ins.
Rigid, precision-adjust reinforcements: stable window design.
Fixing equipment: long-term reliability and functionality / software installation through three walls.
Additional anchoring: you can use a very tall structures;
Two adjacent to the window sealing gaskets, ensuring window leaks under extreme weather conditions.
Glazing edge – 20 mm: the best thermal insulation / condensation prevention.
4-chamber technology: very good thermal insulation / heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.3 W / m K
Rainwater runoff and ventilation openings.
Sash depth – 76mm: very good thermal insulation, which guarantees lower power consumption.
Each product design is the ability to install additional items.
Curves and 20-degree slope grooves – modern and functional.
A wide choice of colors: as many as 40 unique color palette from which you can choose and aluminum imitating foil.