Prestige window system can boast a wide range of customization options. The leaf can be of three different types: Bypass planes, semi-Bypass planes rounded and fully Bypass planes with edge.
PRESTIGE system designed to be used without any problems for many years. The sealing gasket is made of a modern, extreme weather resistant plastic TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).
Also should note rainwater runoff system which prevents water from getting inside, thus ensuring tightness and reliable corrosion protection. 25 mm glazing edge ensures that the maximum profile crowded glass, so the latter safely and firmly secured.


– 76 mm profile: very good thermal insulation parameters will help reduce heating costs.
– Thickness of the glass from 20 to 44 mm
– Glazing with two supports: additional protection against break-ins
– Rigid, precisely adjust reinforcements: stable window construction
– Fixing equipment: long-term reliability and functionality / software installation through two walls.
– Hardware groove axis – 13mm: can be installed in special additives to provide protection against hacking.
– Glazing edge – 25 mm: optimal thermal insulation / condensation prevention
– 6-chamber technology: excellent thermal insulation / Silman transfer coefficient Uf = 1,1 W / m²K with center seal
– Water runoff and ventilation openings
– Each product design is the ability to install additional items.
– Bend and 20-degree slope grooves
– A wide selection: various system options / net 40 unique color palette from which you can choose and aluminum simulating the titanium film
– Two or three seals lying close to the window: excellent thermal insulation / tightness under extreme weather conditions